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Root to Rise Collective

Holistic Wellness for Youth

for young women & trans youth

ages 14-21 living with family poverty, addiction, bullying, and/or any kind of trauma or hardship in or near Turners Falls, MA. Free offerings:

  • Safe space outside school

  • Practical support with homework, applying for jobs, budgeting, and anything else you need

  • Emotional support from adults who have been through some of the same challenges you have

  • Yoga and meditation classes

  • Fun activities like art, gardening, swimming, and hiking

Holistic Wellness for All

  • Sliding scale yoga and meditation classes

  • No one turned away

  • Class fees benefit Root to Rise Collective

  • A studio culture welcoming those who don’t feel welcomed by or resonate with conventional holistic class culture, such as:

    • Tradespeople

    • Smokers

    • People in recovery

    • LGBTQ people

 Anyone who wants to improve their life without giving up all their vices first – and without being judged

Do you think everyone should have access to holistic wellness training?


Do you want our community to have a space where teen girls/young women and trans youth facing hardship can be safe and receive the support they need?


Donate to Root to Rise Collective.

We are a small nonprofit, so every contribution counts!

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